Saturday, June 03, 2006

Nodes Of Ranvier

Monsoon NYC
yesterday 2 inches of torrential rain in 2 hrs
It was raining when i woke up during the night ...
man on the news the other night talking about the time that Wall Street area did flood and that it could happen again ...

The Times article on SunnO))) and Boris at times reminded of other powerful,
heavy gigs we have seen along the way - PIL @ Palladium , PIL riot @ The Ritz ,
SPK @ CBGB's with the pig's head spattering,
ENB @ Palladium when they set fire to the big pan set on the stage and a huge suspended monitor was rocked off it's mooring and fell 2 stories to the stage
Whitehouse , Boredoms , Ruins , 001100
Heavy gigs that black rain did in Tompkins Square Park to commemorate the riots ,
One night we had Taro Giro, a famous performing monkey from Japan as opener ,
then we set fire onstage at The Bank , gigs at C -Squat and the day we played GG Allin's last gig .

The hardcore intensity from black rain has been carried over and then some
with Dystopians. Can remember the moments when it suddenly made sense to go ahead and think about making another group - Bush got in as president , the *ucker
and the US has went sideways /backwards ever since .
Protest songs, nah war dances , media chants Slogan's Run , All things must pass
self licking ice cream cone

Rereleases going strong,
DCC Drag Racing out in July on meteosound/Shitkatapult
the DCC Album closer to being completed ,
working again on "You Never Forget Your First Dominatrix" with Dominique
More new music as Dystopians and sisters are doing new tracks throughout this year and then the new projects bubbling under , new ones that come in unexpectedly
Keeping one eye on the Weather Channel
trying not to get hit by traffic

Opus Dei
corporeal mortification
self whipping
sharp metal belt around waist
no fun that bunch

Nodes Of Ranvier
thrash ,doom metal , drone metal
'the microcosmic thing, we use it alot'


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