Saturday, December 10, 2005

Street Life

P Jackson's The Two Towers ran last night on Cable ,
seeing it again just reminded me how great these movies were ,
so well done , suspension of disbelief and such superior detail and execution .
Sad, sad docu on Indonesian street kids on NHK , cute boyish 14 year old girl ran away from home because her father would hit her .
Her life on the street though looked almost better then what home had to offer .

Just came bk from a nice walk down to the used bookstore ,
grazed on details of how Miles Davis' producer Macero and Miles got into such an argument to start the "Bitches Brew" sessions in Carr's Miles book again ,
Shamballa Editions book on Buddhism and ways of the Warrior,
Julie Burchill's slim "The Boy Looked At Johnny" tucked away into a row of music books.
Heading North up Second Avenue through the East Village I can see many empty store fronts , almost entire blocks vacated as rents go up even higher.
Glancing West at the sunset's red pink clouds on the way up to 23rd Street to eat , checked JAS Mart and found sweet photo book on the making of Tim Burton's "The Corpse Bride" at Shakespeare Books.
Nice shop , Shakespeare

On not so crowded off the main streets , slippery ice and snow pack
tourists coming out of restaurants , pretty women trying to hail taxi at 5 PM,
beautiful Asian woman striding down sidewalk across from the old Gramercy Hotel,
new restaurants , closed restaurants , no sign of Sunday's Times yet as any newstands.
As i walk I am thinking about many things , and came home inspired

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