Sunday, May 08, 2005

the sheep look up

In this green time,
Chappelle's new season advertised for end of May, then suddenly prod stops,
the Mrs. Bush does stand up , joking for the media about a show she hadn't seen
and Bush 2 uses an iPod - how *ucking hip is that ?.
Punk-funk was hot for a minute among some , mostly those who weren't there when it happened in the 'late '70's - 80's .
JM Basquiat has a big show @ Brooklyn Museum , rding the catalog this AM full of words by crits comparing him to every great painter /artist they can think of ,
well they have to write something . We all have our own JMB stories DJ High Priest (Nick Taylor) has a great description of 'the stare'JMB would use on people, while I remember him knocking on the door of the rehearsal place when Kenny and I used to jam, forlorn with his broken cornet.
Meanwhile I'm thinking what would his art have been if he hadn't seen /absorbed Mile's paintings.
Was scanning another Miles bio at the used the other day ,
dug the great details on the recording of "In A Silent Way" and "Bitches Brew" ,
the inspiration , the prep and the people themselves.
Burning CDR's for hours yesterday , listened through one of them -
new DCC, the 2 public domain songs , the new Pac Man Jam and 2 cuts by Ike Yard from 1981 and '82 .
The Ike Yard sound is most unusual and striking .
A sonic Simon Reynolds recently generously called a 'dream merger of Metal Box and DAF , I hear quite a bit of concret and industrial (as industrial really was , a long time before Spin labeled NIN 'Trent as father of industrial (!) ages ago).
Back when we were doing the group I remember a fantasy I had about being a last group in town playing as the city was destroyed , a 'romantic' fancy as MD rightly put it at the time.
Playing on sheet metal and a Korg synth bought from a Dominatrix, sharing the Music Building space with post Bowie - ish Gira's period Circus Mort - those were not NYC's brightest days , still a bit depression and grit .
I wanted a way through all that .

In these green tree times
Up in the woods Friday, by the side of a wide clear lake ,
watching three black crows circle and chase each other through the sky under wierd storm blue grey clouds forming as we spoke .
We sat on atop a giant rock and talked about China splitting up ,
simply following Mother Russia's splintering (Putin's Russia's next) ,
the US dividing into Blue and Red states , Cali and NYC saying *uck this and doing their own things , not to mention North and South reviving their frictions.
When ever I go down South i still feel they haven't gotten over their loss , they luv to belittle the Northerners.
On the way up we see roadkill porcupines , two white deer dead by side of road, starlings picking through debris on the side of the road.

We want more ...
Not happy with the status quo,
certainly not happy with Bush and cronies skewed world view ,
we ignore him as much as possible .
Chapters , news and non news keep coming in and looping
Europes End Of History , nuclear options , filabuster ,
"Revelations" , an oil superspike up to $105 a barrel , rain watch in LA ,
science , religion and Kansas.

As they say 'there's a bull market for fake news that can really be trusted to know what is fake'
And so Stephen Colbert from the Daily Show gets his own show .
That's ok , but i still wait for Dave Chappelle's season three


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