Saturday, April 23, 2005

from Kailash to the Nameless Towers

was up late this week looking at some next trips i'd like to make
This year should be great travel wise if everything goes right,
but there are still so many places i haven't even been too

Production wise i should be going next to W Tibet, Mt. Kailash but that's not happening this year .
After Sept. Venice Bienalle performance, we plan to go on another 8- 10 dates through Europe and end with a couple days break in Antwerp

Looking forward to going back to Berlin in Sept., going through Europe on tour will be intense .
Only 3 of us , me , Ramm and Nick (DJ High Priest),
doing "Bi-Conicals Of The Rammellzee" Songs bts

Future trip.
Some other time I'd like to go on to Budapest , Prague and onto Lvov Ukraine.
My mom and her family came from old Galicia (now Halcyh) not far from the Carpathian mountains

From W End of China - Turfan , Kasgar , Karakota - old N Silk Road
back into N Africa Fez , Tangier

Back to the Himalayas . Gokyo this time , cross Cho La ?
Trans Siberian Express
Canadian Rockies, Columbia Icefield , Alaska St.Elias

now listening. PIL's Pop Tones, Careering, Memories , Swan Lake


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