Wednesday, April 27, 2005

RollinTumblin Rider - Drag Racing - Gothic Futurism

All hail Simon Reynolds new book on the post punk era "Rip It Up And Start Again" ,
out by end of week I believe .
Got a look at Discog 2 , found very nice and kind words for Ike Yard and Dominatrix .
Things have changed since he did the writeup , unfortunately (or fortunately ?)
Ike Yard rerelease will not be on Tmu .

Another week , another round of checking out labels for DCC , at least one nice prospect , we send the new stuff to them next wk.

Diekmann and I go upstate to Paul's studio again on Sat. to lay more tracks on the new DCC Ep , the 3 songs are almost done and sounding very good .
It's been a bit of a shame to have to move on it in baby steps but since we are seemingly cut loose from previous label - we do what we can.
Have Shockdell calling me back regularly so we may even get him into studio next to do his rap .

With Paul (Geluso) now living up in Delhi NY , 1 hr past Woodstock,
Paul and I are entertaining ideas of collaborating with other musicians up there.
You know the drill, artists and musicians move farther and farther upstate -
and they've got to then get bored and think , 'hmm now i'm here what do i do ?'


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