Friday, April 22, 2005

cherry blossoms thunder

the rains comin in tonight.
A dry and hot week here , cherry blossoms bloom and fell like snow flakes by the river . thunder
Was a good week , on a good run here .
Things firmed up for trip to Japan for DCC coming up July 30 TBA
(Japanese release of Death Comet Crew "This Is Riphop" tracks live from The Pyramid Club and the 1984 "At The Marble Bar" Beggars Banquet UK only 12" music will be through Delic Records , Tokyo)

and in the fall the Venice Bienalle performance & lecture by The Rammellzee Sept.21 w/ 8 more European dates

Done /close to done /underway

New DCC Ep ( Drag Racing'/deepSpacewoman/Let the Clubs ring)

New DCC Album (10 new tracks , bts , sdtks , pieces .w/Ramm,Honeychild Coleman)

Public Domain EP (The Yellow Rose Of Texas 'version by Judy Nylon /Ed Tomney -
In The Good Old Summertime SA & Paul Geluso version w/vocals by wonderful Liz Janes)

nowave protoelectro NYC 1979-1984 . TBA ...

New Dominatrix. Continue looking for the new front woman /vocalist , new record coming up , getting to it . "Sleeps Tonight" 1984 music video will be on the new Gigolo 150th release DVD out by this fall .

Rare & unreleased Dominatrix . Maybe next year for Japanese label

sisters Ep . a new series of releases that go together as 'sisters' .
Starting with green Tara's Goddess awakes in the brainforest /
Black Castle and neofolktale with Sean Young remixed

Dystopians working on new bts , first jams coming up

Upcoming Rereleases including
The Voodooists rerelease 1989-'92
black rain rerelease
and more ...

* song by Ben Jones of Paper Rad . TBA

Yet another small earthquake in Japan ,
in the same place as last one the other week .
Today's earthquake cloud seen online on Japanese site

We saw a young woman get hit by a taxi the other evening as we were out shopping.
She was cutting across the street , not looking and a taxi came round the corner and slowed into her, luckily she rolled up onto the windshield and rolled back onto the street where she sat up stunned looking around as people ran up to check how she was ...

The really cheerful birds that sing in the trees here sing at sunset then again in early morning , around 1 AM


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