Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Ishtar Gate

Cobb County, Alabama. A judge ruled that School books cannot have a sticker placed inside them that states words to the effect of 'the theory of evolution is not proven'.

Dover, Penn. The school board voted to make this county the first in the nation to discuss an alternative to evolution in High School biology classes.
The Alternative is 'Intelligent Design', an explanation of life that differs from Darwin's view.
"Of Pandas And People" is available for students who might be interested in gaining an understanding of what Intelligent Design'actually involves.
The High School science teachers refused to read a short statement written by the school board that criticizes evolution and cites the alternative.
The teachers contend that such a change amounts to teaching 'Intelligent Design' and that approach is inherently religious, not scientific.
'Kids are smart enough to understand what ID means' said Robert Eshbach ,
a science teacher 'The first question they ask is 'well, who's the designer ?
Do you mean God ?'
Proponants of ID say life is so intricately complex that an 'architect' must be behind it , say it's a valid scientific theory.
A poll out tonight states that 61% of Americans believe the story of creation in the Bible .

Fox TV blurs a cartoon butt to stay clear of FCC fines .
It was in a rerun of "The Family Guy". Earthshaking , innit ?

Yahoo Dragoman , is the name of a child born of a couple who found each other on the internet

Heckle Depot

Finally tonight , in archeaology British Museum reports that US Soldiers have damaged Babylon. Yes, the soldiers stationed in the ruins of Babylon and are using it as a base. Vehicles are crushing ancient 2,600 year old bricks stamped by King Nebuchadnezzer 2 . The Dragons Of Ishtar Gate were marred by someone removing the decorated bricks , large areas covered in gravel to provide parking lots and heli pads .
And that's part of our world tonight


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