Tuesday, December 21, 2004

3 days

last week is now a blur
the Japanese client arrives in town, calls in from the airport ,
meet them at the hotel , the 3 of us went to Empire State Building to Metronaps for 20 minutes restful nap , not bad at all , even the ambient music was ok .
Catch taxi over to Bed Bath & Beyond on 6th Ave. , Dinner @Cyclo .
Looking for DAT tapes Sat. , Sleep research meeting 5:30 , break down, Dinner @Mee
Sunday out to Woodside Queens for interview , Thai lunch , G train to Ft.Greene
by the time we got bk into town it was snowing and we headed to ABC carpet above Union Square perused the store and then finished up in Sleep and Sound.
then settled downstairs at Pipa under high ceiling chandeliers Tapas and drinks
watching the snow blown by the wind against the windows , drifting down over taxis onBroadway . The driver for the taxi ride home was Russian and once he got to joking about drinking vodka and i couldn't quite get all he was saying and as we rolled across 14 th St. it felt like our own NY Christmas holiday moment
The J team left AM Mon. Noyuri left this AM . We heard last night Noyuri's brother Akira had decided to move out of Aunt Keiko's old Apartment in Tokyo because of car noise on the highway outside .


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