Monday, December 20, 2004

For GB

i met Gretchen in 1983 at Peter Nagy and Allan Belcher's Nature Mort gallery
in the East Village .
Soon after we had met again , decided to work on some projects and
did some fine works in the years we did work together ...
She created a series of art pieces : Video, CG , multiscreen performance hybrids
with my original music scores , piece specific soundesigns
She was pushing forward with innovative video presentations and editing while
deconstructing - AT& T corporate logos and ideas about affects of media ,
media saturation and overload in the "Wild Dead" ('83) ,
"Dumping Core" and "Total Recall" (@The Kitchen '84) ,
and "Aggressive Witness "('89 @ Wexner Center) electronic theatre performances .

Gretchen worked with Death Comet Crew aka DCC a few times ,
from our first photo session in 1984 after the gigs at the Pyramid with Melanie styling -
to the "Wild Dead" screening during a night of music & video I put together
@ Danceteria Two w/ DCC ,
DJ High Priest (Nick Taylor of Grey and DCC) w/ MC Phase Two,
Dominique from Dominatrix introducing us
and on the first floor a group i was producing -
Offworld ( Melanie S : metal perc , Sally Ven Yu / Berg: drums , DonnaB: guitar) played their rough ragged music tracks in what would be their one and only show ever
In 1984 Gretchen filmed the DCC music video for our track "Black Atlantic"down
at the South St. Seaport in a crowd of Wall Street banker types and
up on the highway downtown.

She also did the excellent ,quite memorable front cover design and images for DCC's 1984 "At The Marble Bar"12" on Beggars Banquet .
That cover was a collaboration between Gretchen, us and her good friend early CG artist Amber Denker and that cover stands as a striking and early use of computer graphics

Gretchen went on to edit the following music video's you may have seen :
Golden Palaminos "Boy"
New Order's "Bizarre Love Triangle"
Megadeth's "Peace Sells"
REM "The One I Love:"

She worked with the Bill T Jones / Arnie Zane Dance Co. on their edgy performance
/ video piece , 1994's "Still/Here"

And so today
i hear the news . wow ... Goodbye Gretchen RIP


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