Monday, November 22, 2004

Gobi desert

post election aftermaths Output of A - Bomb fuel
House leadership blocks vote on intelligence bill
NY state water people grilled /' our water's ok' ,
MOMA reopens ,
Ghetto Fab @ Skyloft , ~ scape @ Subtonic , DMX Crew , PaperRad @ Dance Idiot Dance
NBA brawl
"Touching The Void" PBS last night
Un Incredibles
next wave NYC
Cambodian rappers in Long Beach
"The Long Way Around" Big bikes through Mongolian episode w/ Ewan M. on Bravo
NHK special Japanese temple puts it's ancient Silk Road treasures on view during festival,
early Silk Road versions of the biwa , clay hand drums and old portable harp they found out in the desert .
Community eco lodge in Yunnan
picking best 50 mountain photos , DCC's "Moons on Triton seas" and "alpha Delta"
new Dominatrix tracks , dystopians
rundown of DC early punk and post punk days in "Dance Of Days"
listen to "Nowthenafter" , all new DCC , Dom again
Holidays soon enough


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