Thursday, October 28, 2004

Catching up

It's been a while ,
but i can now get bk to making an entry and try to catch up for this month ...

* "In The Good Old Summertime" .
Vocalist Liz Janes came into Studio and did a sweet and very nice vocal for the public domain music project .
Her clear high voice makes the music ambience around her sound a bit dark and by the last verse a bit strange - all the better !
We went to her showcase during CMJ but didn't get in

* DCC did the CMJ Troubleman Showcase Oct.13 and armed with new music and new vocals from Honeychild Coleman and Kukoo Bones and The Rammellzee in good form, it was better musically then last year's CMJ.
Kukoo did one of the new tracks i wrote for him "Get On Up" to open the set and Michael Holman (Gray , "Grafitti Rock" ) introduced us ,
and our Japanese label Delic Records was in the house.
But we went on last (past 1 AM) and the L train to Williamsburg had stopped running at midnight , leaving only part of the crowd .
Anyway, so it goes sometimes .

Next day DCC hit the Studio and by Monday the 25th we had worked on 8 different tracks for our upcoming Ep and Album .
"RollinTumblin Rider" w/ The Rammellzee,
DJ High Priest's new track ,
"Funky Dream 4",
"deepSpacewoman" w/ The Rammellzee and Honeychild,
"Moons on Triton seas",
"Let the Clubs ring",
guitarist Michael Diekmann's "Run Map",
and new version of the partly "Tron" inspired "One On Ones"

The new Ep will be "deepSpacewoman" , "RollinTumblin Rider" &
"Let the Clubs ring" , to be released next year

The Studio was fine ,
the engineer (filthy) Ritchie (from the early Power Play Studios, Salt & Peppa' days) right on top of what we were doing and often a step ahead , even with this being the first time working with him.
So the sound was great and results excellent - you'll have to wait a bit to hear it ,
but this Ep is waay more then just a followup to "This Is Riphop" -
it's a new level for DCC sonic and quite accessible too

DCC bassist and right hand man Shinichi Shimokawa was here during this period and we were working all day before the Studio then well into the night IN the Studio,
so by the time we took the subway glazing out stoned at the people on the train and then got home , we were all pretty wiped .
We made plans for release of the"Sound Hero" field rec with remixes Ep & Album next year and are discussing the next productions .
Shin helped me with the "nowave protoelectro" 1979 -1984 Compilation .
Shin was in original DCC as well as anchor of black rain when i formed that group in late '80's , he now lives in Tokyo and will be point man for rec over there .

rec = rapid expansion corp. i am developing as my label


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