Sunday, August 15, 2004

everybody's out of town / the Chairman touched down

Summer in city .
Being out in Montauk for a few days was nice ,
snagged the one room available @ East Deck for one night
and then over to East Lake to stay with friends .
Ocean side beach great as before , sand between the toes
relentless white noise of wave break , blank blue expanse of sky .
Only things we really had to do was eat and sleep at some points .

My friend's place was a cabin on East Lake ,
part of a group of 10 that made up first 'resort' in Montauk.
Unpainted since the 1950's and half hidden driveway ,
set in gently rolling hills , cut grass ,
tall trees blowing in the breezes that kept the bugs down.
Two beaches a short walk down the hill away , row of black commorants sunning and winging , minnows , floating on a surfboard , big red ball sunset going down .
A big black and white booted cat named Frederica that watched over us all
and came crying to be let in at 6 in the morning.
And another beautiful blue eyed cat that someone either let go , lost or abused
that would come to visit but ran if you got too close .

Nice to be away from your usual music and Bush and his Stupid Ones for awhile.
Elevated terror alert my ass .
Get into friend's old brown Merc , Yes then Led Zep on the radio ...
timeless summer .
Ketel & Smirnoff , fresh shrimps , clams and dogs on the grill

"Dogtown and Z Boys" .
A few weeks before , this surfer - skateboarder docu from a couple years ago was playing on Cable and i caught it a couple of times .
Besides the choice music and we were there attitude of Stacey's film ,
I enjoyed seeing the shaggy stoned blondness of some of the kids ,
flashed me bk to my similar blonde but boarderless days in N Va.
Summer seemed so long ...
In the mid '70's USA new styles were bubbling up through the hot mist and sizzling days of the Bi Centennial , cheap , but with attitude.
Devouring shoplifted art books , collecting shades and lighters more then you could ever use .
Shorts with fringe , the right T shirt , pukka shells once in a while ,
body shirts and tight pants for a date .
Hanging out after dinner on the cooling asphalt of suburban subdivision ,
where's everybody at ?
Cue : "Dum Dum Boys" from Iggy's "The Idiot " '77

Cut to : RIP Killer Kane of NY Dolls , and right in middle of a tour too

Back on the blogs
dissecting superspecific genres like it mattered ,
chattering about vinyl finds , old audio objects
Each tribe likes what it thinks it likes , slight differences in tempo , snare sound determining just where u at

Nice set by Andy Weatherall @ Apt. the week before we left.
Never heard a DJ play "The Robber And The Prince" by DAF , about damn time !
Then Noyuri and Yukkiko heard a whole DAF @ Minca while slurping ramen noodles in the East Village the other night.
Rave on Andy and thank you Alex


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