Saturday, August 21, 2004

Innis Mode . Before the Repuglicans come

Graphic designer fired after heckling Bush ,Charlestown W Va.
The designer was fired from his job because his heckling of Bush 2 offended the client who gave workers the tickets to the Bush pre vetted Q&A PR 'event'.
Client was the PR worker for the county ...

Maoist guerillas block entrance of supplies to Kathmandu , Nepal this week .
This follows the attack made by a lone bike rider who threw 2 bombs over the parking lot fence of the oldest Hotel in KTM.
Trekking and climbing seasons begin in Sept. ...

Chinese crackdown on 800 year old Buddhist Temple in Inner Mongolia .
Members of an American Buddhist group who spend 3 million $ renovating the old temple in Dari Rulai Zingyaun in the 'Autonomous' Chinese region and 70 Chinese including the spitual leader of the temple were arrested by Chinese Police and Soldiers recently ... and this was in Inner Mongolia , not China , not Tibet ...

This follows the refusal of the Chinese (again) to seriously discuss relationship with the Dalai Lama's representatives ... anyone remember the sentiment ' Free Tibet ' ?
Well, Tibetans are certainly not going to get any help from Bush 2 and the neo cons,
if what Bush 1 did for the Tibetans can be recalled by citizens with longer then usual memories and attention spans ...

Out in 'free' (for now) outer space ,
the Cassini probe finds the 33rd moon orbiting Saturn ...


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