Friday, September 03, 2004

Begone Repuglicans ... Out ...

On the way home from hanging with some friends on the West side,
as i got close to Union Square , anyone could see there was another demonstration,
this one including a candlelight vigil while Emperor Bush was mouthing words from the Repuglican hate book -in our town , mind you !

Attracted by the commotion I joined hundreds of others watching from a safe distance,
what was a 'safe distance' ? anywhere outside the line of black clad Police who quickly moved in to surround the South end of Union Sq. plaza.
I've felt the crunch and extra push from NYC's Police before , and I was not looking forward to anymore.
At the same time , i felt a deep , primal fight or flee mindset come over me,
I watched the black clad like a hawk

It will take some time to rid the stink of the CON vention they held here ,
but at least the helicopters are gone from overhead ...

During this duress some good things have still gone on,
I have arrived at a name for the new label that Mike from Tmu and I will launch shortly,
it's the Rapid Expansion Corporation (REC) ,
DCC had it's first rehearsal session , first time we've pulled out instruments and jammed since last year ,
The group also got another fine review (thanks Matt from Woebot) in The Wire.
That mag has picked up it's game (thanks Chris Bohn).
Kukoo's bk from the MAJIC Show in Las Vegas' and we will be mixing his Album next week

So this is the 100th post ,
boo to the haters in the Repuglican Party,
there are alot of people who will move if BUSH 2 wins ...
Jeez ...


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