Monday, September 27, 2004

Summer flesh of dead magazines

a pile of magazines out by the curb in front of the mag shop ,
MOJO magazine 'greatest songwriters' issue featuring uh, The Streets ?,
DJ magazines , hiphop magazines , another Terry Richardson cover
models and so many magazines

Anti Bush T Shirts , bumperstickers , 'enough Bushit'
NYC Police taking people's bikes during bike ride ,
NYC's plans in case of a dirty nuke by end of year , Con Ed shockers

One more track to finish mixing on Kukoo Bones Album,
DCC live @ CMJ Oct.13 Tmu Showcase
finishing new Ep afterwards and will be doing new tracks for a DCC Album ,
Honeychild last Wed. and this one too ,
Kamala was here Saturday playing her sitar ,
Kukoo came through today ... Shockdell AWOL .
Dominatrix "Sleeps Tonight" as cell phone tone in Ireland soon with London to follow via Vodaphone ,
Gigolo 150th release DVD feat. the 1984 "Sleeps Tonight" Music Video out soon
Rare & unreleased Dom Ep ,
no wave protoelectro Ep & Album coming up ,

Outside , fireworks are popping off right now , sounds like over Brooklyn or Greenpoint
reflections on the windows opposite
Sitting out side earlier you could feel this summer's over

and the fireworks do their ending crescendo into the night

now playing : Cluster '71


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