Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Nine - Headed Dragon River

Eihei-Ji Temples in Japan
up the valley of the Nine-Headed Dragon River
high in the trees lie the gates of Eihei -Ji
one of the great zen temples , outside Fukui
peaceful shadows on dark wood structures . NHK

DCC: more Reviews of "This Is Riphop" spotted ,
"Riphop" to be distributed again in August according to Tmu's deal with ADA .
Rammellzee went to Tokyo , Shin and Taketo Shimada can see him there ,
DCC reactivating, reconnecting and back to work on the all new DCC Ep for Tmu
(4 song EP w/ The Rammellzee and Shockdell)

Dom: is working on a few things - a Dominatrix 'rare & unreleased' 12" EP , probably for my label,
I'm hearing about a deal for "Sleeps Tonight" to get used as a cell phone tone ,
and the neu Dom 12" all underway ...

MC Kukoo is back in the lab working on new words and vocals for the new tracks I did for his new Album
, really looking forward to doing these new beats with him .

Public Domain Ep . and it looks like we are able to work on 'Summertime' in the Studio tonight after 8 PM

green trees of summer , nightbirds , moon


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