Wednesday, May 26, 2004

that urge to ...

Chappelle Show always funny, even with all the rerun clips
but sometimes he reaches new lows .
Like the show last night where i caught the R Kelly music video skit
for the new cut called ,uh what was it ? "I want to pee (on you)"
The Kelly persona is already not the coolest or cleanest,
but the Chappelle clip was pretty *amn funny.
Tinkle tinkle
Tinkle tinkle ca ching oh ,
that's the promo for MTV's R Kelly reportage "When The Gavel Comes Down"
on Thursday night .
Kelly appears in court Friday about the video someone (who ?) made
of someone (him ?) with the 14 1/2 year old girl he pees on .
At least Sparkle says it's her niece who was that young at the time.

Another music vid that always has me reaching for the remote is the so overrated
'Kanye West's "All Falls Down" .
Looking at the guy is bad enough , listening to the tinny samples over and over hard to take
but the sequence where he's supposed to be rushing through the airport -
only to be accosted by the Japanese kid who squirts mustard on his shirt is just plain stupid.
Mind you , squirting mustard (or catsup or whatever) was a tried and true street hustler - criminal technique that
lo life's used to pull on Japanese tourists in the city.
Squirt the mustard , distract the vic while someone else steals a wallet, a bag or whatever you have thay they want -
maybe your R Kelly shades or peebag.
I used to see the same types that do the card games or pick pockets on the street do this routine , but never saw or have heard of a Japanese doing it.
Funny , no , artistic expression the Director said , hmmm
Racist sterotyping ... well ...

99 problems but a peebag ain't one
C'mon hit me (but not there)

Still wanna know what Vince is doin in that vid.
Shoulda asked him when I happened to run into him last wkend on St.Marks And A

Chappelle Show will be bk after a word from our sponsor,
adult rapper diapers
and popular in the White House too
turn the muther*ucking headphones up


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