Tuesday, May 04, 2004

RIAA to pay 25 million

The RIAA , you know the music business org. who take down those pesky viscious music downloaders ruining their biz ,
were found to owe Artists 50 million $ because they , uh,
'lost touch' with the Artists - or so they claim .
A 2 year investigation showed that recording companies repped by the RIAA still owe Puff , Dolly , Gloria and thousands of other Artists 25 million , having paid 25 million recently .
Hey folks , you can find Puff on Fifth Ave.

The RIAA plans to make a statement later Tue's .
Well, it's 8:28 PM here , and we are waiting

Elliot Spitzer - thank you
The more u dig , the more u find

We want more life *uckers
before you consolidate it out of us ...

How much did you pay for your last CD ?

Amazing revelation ... but by now not shocking


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