Saturday, December 31, 2011

1980 -1990 Diaries update

After I got up here to New York City, i began keeping diaries. I was going out a lot and the clubs were hot . Come home from work, take a nap for awhile, get up and eat, go out to the clubs until late

Soon after Mudd Club opened I was there as usual and soon met one Martin Fischer just in from W Berlin. We formed the Futants soon therafter ...

We have gone through them and selected some choice chapters from 1980 -1990 for the first volume :
Punk,post punk, no wave, new wave, electronic & electro pop, funk, hiphop, riphop, freestyle, electro, techno ... End of Max's Kansas City -to the Mudd Club downtown on White St.- and over to Tier 5 and maybe back again to Mudd. Pyramid club . Negril . Save The Robots Ike Yard Crepescule 1981 , Factory Records America 1982 ,shows with New Order & Section 25 Danceteria nights, rooftop parties W Berlin 1893 , Tokyo, Osaka & Hong Kong 1987 The Fun Gallery. Area . World's End . Big Art Cyberpunk ops Mind Children and Voodooists The malling of subculture


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