Friday, March 26, 2010

NYC , water and time

Striking days as the world seems to have finally turned and faced the strange

Earthquakes from Sumatra to Japan California to Haiti Chicago to Cuba these past months
The Euro, Greece, Portugal and Spain , Poland and Ukraine, US, Russia, Europe, China vis Iran
Politics of hate and kill, health care, financial reform, race stuff, the history of white people, Texas, Mexico, narco states,
JIhad Jane. NYC plans to accomodate water rise .
America 2100 on History Ch. > < Hello America by JG Ballard

Outpost and JG Ballard project airs Saturday night on London's Resonance FM's exotic pylon show -
hosted by our friend Jonny Mugwup;
Currently we set details for Porto later this year and also London and hopefully other cities go onboard

Some very warm days last weekend, brown fuzz blowing from trees, birds have returned to sing in the night and mornings
Spent a good part of the last weeks confirming music cuts for another collection;
it can take time for everything to become clear, fun listening to everything and communicating with everyone.
looking back at a roughly 9-10 year period 1979 -1980 -1989 -'90

Mirror Mirror collaboration coming out on Rvng. Int. this spring,
The Units The Right Man rmx done soon as well . THE UNITS "CONNECTIONS" album will be out on Italy's Opilec Music
Vladislav Delay "Sistol" rmx by Ike Yard moving towards completion next week ...
Nomi tracks entered next round of programming
polystyle ideas into sessions coming in view


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