Monday, October 05, 2009

White Sunday '70's

Against a backdrop of S Asian earthquakes, tsunami's and hurricanes, Afghanistan and Iran ongoing, Socialists winning in Greece and Japanese in space ...

Outpost assembling artists for the Atrocity Exhibition video film, working on Time, Memory and Inner Space,
listening to rehearsal tapes and making a framework for new piece.
We will be previewing JGB audio clips on Melbourne's Ballardian .
It appears digital artist Patrick Quick from Perth will be coming here for the 10/24 JG Ballard thing .
Ellen Datlow editor . Marc Masters . Annette Peacock . Naokula JG Ballard and yokai enthusiast posted from her family home in Tottori Japan ...

Nightclub Diaries slowly hunting photos , Mark showed me a nice downtown photobook last night ,
the streets could be so empty and burned out in 1978.
Prolog including East coast styles of the 1970's,
habits of the artist class crew and those who met in open spaces built into the school, picture O HS art class 1972- 76 AD.

Pink Floyd and '70's music immersion after missing out almost totally on them when they were happening.
Syd Barrett's sad story , with his final walk back to Cambridge, production details of recordings.
Also VH1 Classics videos of the group live and 'the making of'.
After one VH 1 show of The Doors live in Canada with commentary from "No One Gets Out Of Here Alive"'s Danny Sugerman,
I sat and reread the Jim Morrison bio.
Ziggy Stardust and The Spiders From Mars final show with the Ronson solo during Width Of a Circle,
a live Ian Hunter & Mick Ronson Youtube video posted by Reeves G ...

Anti Pop Consortium @ Santos . All the best on "fluorescent black" their new album on Big Dada / Ninja Tunes -they rocked a crowd of friends and allies, DCC went downtown together, and it was great to reconnect with Flo , High Priest and Sayyid and CX Kidtronix . If DCC does another NYC show anytime soon , it will be with them or some of their members and Rob Madler.

Full moon in between cloud wash.
Saturday night late watching "Out Of Africa" with Noyuri until 4 AM,
quiet night except for the last NYU students reaching their Apt's drunken outside.

Art Book Fair @ PS 1 . A fine white Sunday to roll out to Long Island City for the third time to check all the new publications at the Fair. Probably bigger then ever, crowded after a sweet NY Times writeup on Saturday with some noise related music outside around the time I started to leave. The AM Bruno artists Sara Dell'onze and Judy Goldhill , one publisher selling Max Ernst drawings laid out on a window side. British lad sitting outside looking at his catch of the day- the 1978 Bowie Isolar loose pages portfolio of Bowie's Berlin period paintings ( I have one back in the dark closet ) ...

Giant yellow moon rise last night.


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