Monday, August 31, 2009

JG Ballard tributes 9/5 on WFMU

Maximal Outpost on WFMU Saturday night 9/5 !

* Atrocity Exhibition Chapter 1 sections 1-14 read by David Silver
* Drowned World soundscape by Mark Fisher aka K- Punk
+ Ice Planet , Serial Angels by recorded live in Studio by Outpost

Discussion & interview after 10

Our host WFMU:

WFMU live audio stream @

By now , these JGB tribute efforts have begun to feedback and Mark has ben talking with and meeting artists who we would like to invite into the open project.
Even while we were pushing to finish our first soundtrack for the selected Atrocity Exhibition texts, a wide array of artists have come into view ! tba and worked out in time to come ...


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