Wednesday, October 28, 2009

JG Ballard project / Maryann Amacher rip

Have had Kingston NY on my mind in past days reading about the life and times of experimental composer Maryanne Amacher, who died last week. The bus goes through Kinston upstate on the way to our engineer Paul Geluso's Studio and stops there on the return trip too so I know the area recently .
Good to hear her music, notes and so on were going to be pulled together, archived with a new website to come.
Respect for her important works and just feel she will be missed on this planet.

Saturday night the Ballard project debuted at Monkeytown; and it worked pretty well ,
the audience was in an Outpost movie surrounded by four screens for a program of JG Ballard's Atrocity Exhibition ,
Time, Memory and Inner Space + our songs Ice Planet , League City , Witchfire and Serial Angels.
We had just burned the discs on the for the video edits earlier that day -but it all worked out thanks to John C and Johnny's help at the show. Good crowd, almost sold out even after a big downpour earlier in the night.
Patrick Quick came over from Perth via Sydney after he made video for Time, Memory and Inner Space.
By Friday he had also then made 20m of video grid visuals for our 4 songs set ...
Big thank you again to all our artists; Ester Ahn . Adrienne Altenhaus . Le Le Chan . Mark C . Jen Jaffe . Robert Longo .
Andrew Moszynski . Patrick Quick . Robert Selwyn . Vivian Wong and Stephanie Wuertz plus John C and Johnny !

So far we've gotten some great responses to the show
, and are following up on some new things that have come in since Saturday night


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