Thursday, October 08, 2009


' The “Vertical Ascent” LP by Moritz Von Oswald Trio is everything I could have wanted from one of my favorite musicians. I’m not even sure what the appropriate comparisons for this music really are, but it made me dig out my Ike Yard “Night After Night” EP (which made me order their recent CD collection of all recorded material as well as previously unreleased and live joints) as well as Rhythm and Sound. A combination of those two seems pretty spot-on: dubby and driving live drum patterns combine with spacey atmospherics to create the perfect soundtrack for a night time drive through the city at high speeds. If anything, this release suffers from being too short! I want it to keep going and going, despite each track being between 8 and 14 minutes in length. This release will be taking its place alongside all the Basic Channel related releases for constant repeat listens, and Pattern 3 will likely be hammered in all of my deejay sets for a good long while. Amazing, brilliant music. '

Now listening.


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