Thursday, February 19, 2009


Having survived the Viet Namese dinner in Chinatown that got 10 out of 12 of us sick for the days afterwards ,
last week and this one have been a flurry of catching up, detective work finding more exactly HOW we all got sick and getting on with the various releases all in the air here.

Caught the many WATCHMEN trailers on the movie site - shades of Blade Runner on the sdtk
( "Blade Runner Blues" um, versioned for the scene where a former superhero gets thrown out his window, among other "echoes' )
, the color scheme I like and some of the 'heros' and attitude is right on.
Save the human race ? 'No' ...
WATCHMEN Motion comics airs on Cable starting 3/3 ...

* Ike Yard will be able to announce very soon our new deal with Denmark Indie Phisteria ( 10" Ep + Album to follow )
* outpost is beginning to mix the new tune Nightning today, it may surprise those who have been listening to the music so far up on our myspace -Nightning is written as more of a 'single' and highlights the fact that, well - we can make just about any kind of musik we feel like.
The multi tracked Silver Tower also gets final trks today.
* Dominatrix Ep pre release work about done, barcodes, new Bio info and aha - a logo to be done. March release ...
* Voodooists will be released together as a 4 song Ep in April or May at latest.
* Doing deal memo for the Live Skull rereleases soon.

Cheers all


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