Thursday, March 05, 2009

Priority shifts

Sometimes you are inside a bubble of your own creation.
That can last and last , like an economic bubble seems to.
Then burst ! you are out of it and able to look around and take stock.
Sounds like I m referring to the present financial meltdown again,
but I am talking about the bubbles that form around music groups,
when you are in it , all time spent on it is good, cool tunes are made, even bad ones sound ok within the bubble,
opaque from outside .
Then just like clearing out a storage space, you get the chance to look at it in a different light, new circumstance and reassess things.
Having just spent the much of the past week dirty from cleaning up one large storage space and moving it's remainders to another , smaller one on our building - and with backdrop of the US meltdown leaning on on us, it seems the time to re up the various group actions I spread myself too thin on.

When Bush got into office the second time (2004 -what were people thinking ?),
the 'New Dark Ages' vibe was being bandied around, "Barbarians" series began on History Ch. and I wanted to jump into the dark with Dystopians.
Time stretched on , the writing was good -to a point but actually getting together and working on the songs only happened a few times per year.
Now I look at the songs we have already recorded for what was going to be the first Ep
- and I just don't feel the anti -Bush anger anymore.
It's already another time.
Conditions on the ground have changed.
Rethinking the group and why it exists has led me to believe there is the one song "Cold Stars" worth releasing.
And so at this moment that's the plan.
"Cold Stars" by Dystopians to be released after Voodooists rerelease on REC.
The movie nights Dystopians did compose for Blade Runner Director's Cut, THX 1138 and Alien may not ever appear anywhere else.

There is too much other stuff I am really INTO going on at this time.


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