Friday, January 09, 2009

outpostnyc rising

Ice blue beam of light down the buildingside.
Bright white clouds reflected in mirror glass on Astor Place and Karen O rounds the corner.
Sun blasting across wide streets, followed by the wind blast.
Genesis P Orridge at the local Post Office , trying to pick up a package.
Dike Blair at Astor Wines ( Vacuum Records, who released the Boris Policeband 45 ).
Listening session at Marks yesterday, we heard Tue's slightly incredible sequence of new beats and soft synths + basslines recorded , plus a series of exploratory and increasingly surreal jams using four kyboards, cymbals and tom toms, bass and guitar that just flow through changes over long minutes.
It's pretty much just Mark and myself by now but we have built up close to an album's worth of new pieces in the past weeks and are continuing to record our music at his Studio.
A good meeting with DCC Tue's night. We're looking at a show @ Santos in March, nice bill forming and plans for final album sessions asap.
Meet Bones also Tue's discussing Dystopian project plans for gig, Cold Stars iTunes release on Rec, Second Life Dystopians and black rain rerelease. Not in a hurry to do another movie night, next gig in a club doing a proper set.
Dominatrix cover art underway,
Ike Yard closing in on album deal,
sent off the Cerysmatic Scream City Ike Yard Q & A for their 'Int. Edition' on things 'Factory' this afternoon
and Noyuri returns from Japan in a few hours !

Ghosts of Goya and Jumpers on cable

Now listening: Fennesz Black Sea "Glass Ceiling"


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