Sunday, December 07, 2008

This is December

Boris did rock loud and long, much the same set as at South St. this past Sept and again with Michio Kurihara (Ghost) burning on guitar. They were nice enough to hand out beers, ear plugs, talk about touring with NIN, the storm up in Buffalo and hang out.
Clouds were more listenable on their Myspace.
Night courtesy of Hiromi.
Listening to Wire's 154 again and Magazine Second Hand Daylight.
Good sessions Thurs. with Mark followed by Neuman Leather Building -TCR rezoning hearing and another editing tunes for Myspace session and more programming on Nightning Sat.
Small Publishers Book Fair Sunday, pass through Ziaya but the best sandwiches were gone.
Walk back partly on Park Ave., past Kitano Hotel to Third Ave. down the Indian restaurants,
Russian on his cell rapped conversation for blocks about ' ... cyrillic ... because he's a faggot azzole ...' ,
past woman jogging inside Gramercy Park and plastic sheeting billowing off darkened building hulk on corner of Second Ave.
Empty store fronts, business have moved or closed down.
Cold raw skies, light snowfall flurries, sunrays behind snow clouds streaming snow downtown,
followed the sliver of Moon, Jupiter and Venus conjunction.
The year is running out ...

Now listening: Fennesz' Black Sea


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