Saturday, January 03, 2009

Jan. 2009 New York City days

To North side of Union Square Barnes & Noble today to look around.
A group of young ladies comes through the store wearing what looks like cos play outfits from sci fi medeval world.
This follows trips to three other bookstores in the past week,
each time finding good, useful info and materials on imaginary weapons,
psychotropics, deep history and the end of the city, among other topics.
Bright sun across Union Square this afternoon.
A Japanese girl takes photos on the walkway, dogs park alot of people out around the Square.
One street away is quiet, Seasonal winter feeling in the city with people shopping then getting back to their apartments
especially over weekends in winter.
A corner store is now closed up.
Down the street a small group including photog, a few models and stylist stands on a cross street in front of the New Orleans style houses on the block.
The hawk perches atop the cable TV antenna, four crows have also landed on other parts of it and they caw loudly at the hawk.
Hawk balanced there, had been looking for something ...


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