Monday, August 18, 2008

DCC upstate

Tornado warning over Manhattan the other day.
Black cloud covering the sky from the West,
black tendrils beginning to funnel down towards the Woolworth Building downtown.

Summer insects in the morning, and clicking in the trees nightly

Tomorrow DCC drives up to Riverglass Studios.
We will be trying to finish tracking for the new album.
The group has come a ways from the music on the Troubleman rerelease
( 2004's This Is Riphop, which was music recorded in 1984 ! ).
There are a variety of guests this time out -
The Rammellzee holds down Drag Racing as well as appearances on DeepSpacewoman with Honeychild Coleman and Funky Dream 4/ Czar Of The Magyars with his friend Nadia aka Rapscallion !
Nomi Ruiz ( Hercules & Love Project on DFA) did vocals on DJ High Priest's song Ignition Spark last year and will join up for a second tune Let The Clubs Ring
And Kamala Sankarem's sitar features on Alpha delta.
Hop rip, Rip jazz, Galactic bts


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