Friday, March 07, 2008

Waste = Food

Recycling or are we downcycling ...
Excellent Docu on Sundance on the work of McDonough & Braungart ( ref: Cradle to Cradle '02 )

Auction set for Neverland.
one comment by 'BH' was ' It would be interesting to see Neverland turned into the Graceland of pop'

1 out of 100 adult (males ?) in jail in USA

Tribal elders in Afghanistan blown up while meeting.
Swat , Bajaur and Darra Adam Khel = 3 explosions in 3 days

Hokkaido Japan.
Floating ice used to pile up along the coast, providing a place for large hawks to rest.
Now there is 40% less ice

Harbin China.
Famous ice sculptures exhibition melting

Hell Angels plotted to kill Mick Jagger.
Last week came the late , odd news that after Altamont, a group of Hells Angels got as far as getting into a boat and trying to drive up the back of Mick's house to get him



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