Friday, February 29, 2008

Event horizons

As always the case,
these last weeks after returning from Japan have been revelatory.
And they have brought some unexpected blips , bumps and curves.
New friends and old in Japan, lost a gig in France , thoughts about some amazing gig offers for late in year.
From the old worlds of No Wave (Book) and Soul Jazz photo book things did evolve.
Thoughts of and from around the world ...

Ike Yard had a burst of songwriting before xmas
but this week DCC aka Death Comet Crew appears to be moving up the mind map again > TBA
Excellent grooving improvisations recently, sounds morphing between decks and synths.
Dystopians ( SA/ Bones/ Norman Westberg ) continues to jam on THX 1138 , the live soundtrack performances will be April 5 @ Monkeytown.
Began a round of new tracks myself just before xmas and flying out 12/30.
That continued in Japan in the park at the edge of the Imperial Residence one afternoon
and again in Kyoto hotel room one morning watching a light snow fall in front of black storm clouds.
New soundscapes and future 'club' musik.

Diaries of Nightclubbing 1978 -'88 is in pre production and shopping for Agent, Publisher.
Our Arctic 21st Century DVD proj had it's budget refined late last night before crashing out , much of the content's concepted.
The 'Downtown Digital Arts Center' may have a different form then originally mooted -and is a really large undertaking.
And with some more Studio work, the label will peek it's head up in not so distant future.
From the same ground, Nowthenafter the Surround Sound DVD of downtown electronic musik should be completed in next months featuring artists like Ikue Mori & DJ Olive , Judy Nylon , 8 Bit Construction , Mark C ( x - Live Skull) and David Linton.

Full moon eclipse last week ,
Earthquake felt in London this week
Arctic seed bank premiered to public
The new season of Lost grabbing eyeball time ...
Digging in as the bad economic news piles up
and same time, new president seems to be rising.

Many pluses , a minus or two, no going back now.
Forward the only way >


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