Friday, February 15, 2008

Orange tom and the exoPlanets

Futants wild !
A few nights ago I passed Mike Finley in intense conversation with a woman by Cooper Union on 8th Street.
Mike was guitarist in the Futants bk in 1978 -'79 .
I would like to talk to Mike , see how he's doing - it's been ages

Three thick waves of snow flurries sweep the city one night this week .
Black clouds rising in the sky white snow blowing out and down from underneath
Ice rain crunch spattering the windows
Fog out across the Oval yesterday as everything melted

Obama surges , economy has slowed , Bush advisors indicted ,
ruined Sat to down shot down in March.
A 'smaller version of our solar system' has been identified 5, 000 light years away.
In another galaxy , one reads that a stolen Basquiat painting "Hannibal" from '82 surfaced recently ...
that's worth est. $8 million (!)

Went Thursdays to pick up three prints from the XXX series from David Levinthal's Studio ,
ASCAP check in the mail, photo session for the Fader magazine interview Sunday

Ike Yard rehearsed jams Friday on another new song Orange Tom and opened up 'IY10' for new treatment.

Dystopians THX 1138 sessions cont. with Norman and I going through the whole movie in one go again on Sat.
Second time was even better then last week , two cats and tiny dog running up and down the room and should be able to hear that on the DAT. Electric guitar , guitar fx samples + synth and drum machines cymbals and high hat layers
( Dystopians second movie night April 5 @ Monkyetown )

Death Comet Crew had a smashing session here last Sunday , working up the last three songs for the album

Cheers Autechre on their latest release Quaristice
Tankakem has a good Ike Yardian type mech beat ,
paralel Suns , rale , Notwo , Outh gx.
Well worth cking


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