Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Galacticoast Mosi by DCC

Hello World , Korean lunch , Book Off , Kitano Hotel
Freescha track for Britney
Ann Coulter in first 10 seconds of the Saw 4 ad ?
Somalian pirates attack Japanese Chemical tanker
Cheney & Addington, Bolton Vs Iran
Pakistan on the verge
Dot Earth begins ...

A very good DCC session with Michael Diekmann (DCC, IY) Sunday
we are preparing for a Live on WFMU Radio Show with DJ Small Change for early Dec TBC
and for my going up to Studio Friday to work on finishing some DCC songs for our Album.
Will be working on DCC tracks Let the clubs ring / Deepspace woman / Alpha delta and finishing Moons on Titan seas Friday.
I've programmed two new ones for DCC Mercy Megacidade , the S American flavored one
and Galacticoast Mosi , the African flavored one.
With this DCC album we expanded the group sound to include a few genres we hadn't worked with previously,
a galaxy wide sweep of sounds found floating through outer space ...

Popped out to go see Control last night @ Film Forum, the 7:00 was crowded. Congrats Anton . Joy Division !

We have begun working again on the Harvestworks / Tellus downtown electronic collection Now then after ,
and tonight we are working on my piece @ 7:30

Upstate Studio work will include the DCC stuff, checking out some old Voodoists tracks ,
and preparing the new Dominatrix and very new Dystopians for iTunes ann other download release.


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