Sunday, October 14, 2007

Animal sounds like a score

Bright white sun for days
Reg orange burst sunsets
trace of white jet trails curving from one end of the sky to the other
A glow on the skyline at night , fireworks down at the Seaport exploding blue and shades of red
crescent moon hanging over downtown
Shooting star burns across the Western sky
Wind in the trees and smell of fall
It got chilly this week , the heat came on for first time

Al Gore Nobel
Guiliani and the city
US politicos and Turkey Armenian issue
Chilly Putin and Rice in Moscow
A silence after Israel's Syrian nuclear plant strike
36 hours in Sao Pau
Myanmar regime claims they don't know where the whereabouts of the camera belonging to dead Japanese photographer Kento Nagai. Kento was killed in the melee following military Gov's soldiers opening fire on protestors in recent weeks

The story of the 52 year old man in Kitakyushu Japan who starved to death in his falling down house
after being cut by welfare services . Just wanted a rice ball in his stomach, his last journal entry said

Best week ever
Radiohead's album music is released
Giant pumpkins dropped onto campers
One Shot at Love 's Tia Tequila ' like a well toned squirrel'

Obit. Japanese architect Kisho Kurokawa
Back in the '80's I'd seen Kurokawa's designs for Tokyo Bay ,
I thought at the time it was another of the giant scaled projects firms were touting at the Bubble time .
Later as I read more about Kisho's ideas and followed his career, more I appreciated his wilder ideas and out the box thinking.
Rip Kisho Kurokawa ...

Glad to catch Bernie Krause's Talk at Judson Church last night . Biophonies ... Google project ... Polar bears ... Weddell Seals
Session with Judy Nylon Tue's for her piece on Harvestworks Tellus Nowthenafter collection,
Ike Yard rehearsing for Issue Project Room show on the 26th
DCC gets CDR's of last jams tonight
Trying to get up to Wave Hill on of these Tue's


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