Saturday, February 26, 2005

winter days

Been having a good time recently, things connecting nicely, rolling past .

Gudrun Gut (from MALARIA!, Monika) DJing many German techno -y electro -ish cuts , some with enough personality in the vocals to stand out above the deep bass and groove.Some were Monika releases
Enjoyed her set while crammed in against the left wall as JG Thirwell
and I tried to converse while around and towering over us Tonic supporters droned
'I don't take drugs like mushrooms, I want to be pushed and came back stronger...'
Gudrun's partner Thomas Fehlmann (Palais Schamberg) @ Tonic played a set of his own tracks off his laptop and got the packed crowd dancing and shouting ,
I liked Gudrun's selections better .
Met Gudrun in 1979 through Martin Fischer from W Berlin (my mate in The Futants)
and will probably always remember being out getting coffee one morning down on Warren St. by our loft and on way back seeing this black clad woman coming up from the subway and thinking 'She's gotta be Martin's friend'.
Later she would help me when i was in W Berlin in '83.
So it was really good to catch up with Gudrun , she was always so nice to me and for that I thank her.
Tonic probably got a load of $ and after Gudrun went off to pack up , I left the club and was heading home , then thought maybe there was time to go over to Rothko.
Rothko grime night . Popped one street over, waited as a Police car cruised by and stopped in front of the club.
Free admission by that time of night , grime /sublow tracks booming ,
some crowd left of the dancefloor .
Poor out - of - it woman was sitting on edge of crowd,
fell forward head first to the floor , bam .
Crowd around her stopped for a moment to help , someone got a papertowel from bartender , she went out with it pressed to her chin .
Thankfully no teeth left on floor , and the crowd rocked on .
All in all, good to hear grime in NYC

Went up the other cold day to see Christo's "Gates" in Central Park . Underwelmed.

Bones came by and we had a Dystopians meeting. I've written up, researched , thought out and planned things for and about the group for more then a year now - but am only now really getting to making new first tracks.
Inspired after he left, I prog'ed a new drum track on Reason and he comes over to listen & work again today

Audika. Contacted Steve K @ Audika , nice reply, promising new label that did Arthur Russell DVD.

Upstate to Delhi . As usually happens, going to somewhere new' helps get me out of my head. Took bus up past Woodstock through dense snow squalls to the Studio of Paul Geluso . Having never seen Woodstock , i enjoyed looking at it as the bus came into town down the shop filled main street.
Bus driver kindly picked up the town drunk on edge of town.
Bus started breaking down up in the hills past Woodstock , cell phone wasn't connecting , finally the bus sputtered into Andes and I used Diner's phone to call Paul in the next town.
Towns up there were created about 16 miles apart , then roughly the distance a horse carriage could take you in a day.
Farther we went, the more a 'frontier' nostalgic 'old days' feeling became evident.
Around corners into wide open valley spaces , high hills looming.
Studio sessions went very well , shaped up the Public Domain song "in The Good Old Summertime" by almost finishing it with high organ sounds and new drums.
Also worked up DCC's "RollinTumblin Rider" for the new EP.
Quiet morning sitting in sunroom after making the Japanese 'Mon Coffee' Noyuri brought bk for me .
Two cats playing around the house, jumping on my back, pulling the light string on and off . The scratches almost gone by now .
Went out to look at the Delaware river cold flowing by his house,
stood on the bridge into town watching it roll by when a big crack sounded across the ice on river's edge.
Paul drove back down to city playing random shiffle of Tom Waits , Miles Davis '74
Clash, Aphex Twin ...


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