Sunday, February 06, 2005


2005 shaping up , thankfully

After a couple weeks of post holiday , smoke filled drift
things are popping .

Following what we felt was some success of the DCC (aka Death Comet Crew) rereleases
in '03 and '04 , we now are looking at the offer of a Europe tour from Paris based booking agency .
We thank CX , hiphop artist who recently worked with the Rammellzee for the connection, if it works out he goes on the tour too .
This would be in second half of June , ending in France early July.

I qualify the 'success' because we have gotten no sales figures or accounting from the label .
But based on reviews we did raise some profile for DCC which was a relatively unknown 'art damaged' hiphop unit made bk in 1984 that had only the UK only release
"At The Marble Bar" Beggars Banquet 12" Ep ,
the even more unknown "Mystic Eyes/DC Drive"'86 12" EP on J Mark/Elektra and cuts on Comp's like Gomma's "AntiNY" and Richard Sen's "Power Cuts . B Boys tracks collection

The Japanese release of DCC's "This Is Riphop" is underway and the group should be heading over to Tokyo later this year/fall.
Our label there Delic wants to do our gig with Kan Takagi (Major Force domo) and
Toshi from Plastics that should bring out the old school, new school headz

I will begin doing a new Dominatrix song for upcoming new Dom 12" ,
i found Jay Burnette , original engineer of "Sleeps"
(and vocoded vox on "Planet Rock" , among many other NYC & UK releases)
so a crucial part of the original team could be in place .

The Dom "Sleeps Tonight" music video we did bk in 1984 will be on the Gigolo 150th release DVD later this year .
It was banned from MTV in '84 , so it's largely unseen. Directed by Beth B

The plans for my own label Rec have been reprogrammed, we have regrouped and are now reorganized to be more of a US-Japanese thing .
Confidential proposals and plans for new song(s) based on famous Video Game underway with NY and UK artists .
This activates , motivates further working on "Diaries Of A Nightclubber"as now i see potential deal for it not only as book, but as Movie with killer Sdtk

We are pulling together Producers who can bring projects to a central pool that we can then find financing for and produce CM, TV shows, Movies, media for cell phones, music ourselves

So after a muddling time when things got unclear (mid Oct. - Dec.),
we seem to be moving forward again .
Thankfully !

Another warm one today , the snow from the other week melting


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