Sunday, September 09, 2007

Bodzin's New York / Replicants Night

Last night's Replicants Night turned out to be a nice live debut for Dystopians;
the Time Out mentions of the night in both club and music listings probably helped get enough people to come out and fill Monkeytown for both shows , didn't see many people we knew so it made for a differnet atmosphere , impressions.
We worked our way through the 117m Blade Runner Director's Cut and due to time constraints integrated three of our songs into the last Roy Batty - Deckard chase sequences - but that really worked.
Starting 'Clubs' (Untitled #3) as Deckard startles on his way into JR's toy filled home to battle with Priss ,
Cold Stars over Roy Batty's pursuit of Deckard through the mostly deserted Bradbury building and ending Din on Batty's death soliloquy all felt good.
Spontaneous applause at the end of both sets leads us to believe we were doing something right.

Thank you Bones and Paul Geluso, we worked well as a team on this first live Dys thing.
Also thanks and cheers to all who came out
So onto the next ...

Last week I had finished first v of essay on the New York Noise photo book for NYFA website,
contract signed and mailed to Virtual Label LLC ,
upcoming dates for Ike Yard are Issue Project Room 10/26 and Vassar College 11/7.
Nick Taylor aka DJ High Priest returned from Japan and so DCC resumes.

Against my better judgement - being next night was our gig,
went out Friday night to catch Stefan Bodzin's NY debut @ Bar 13.
Where in the then underpopulated club it was easy to meet Stefan and his sweet lady
and we all waited , drank and waited some more until he was slated to go on at 1:30 AM.
Glad I stayed as Bodzin did rock the place , still going when i left after 3AM.
Minimal techno , what sounded like electro to me , catchy minimal melodies with variations on the ol' 4/4 kick drum powering the dance from underneath.
Union Sq area was still populated with student types drifting around in the cool of night ,
droves leaving bars and off to the next , couples kissing on park benches, misc. garbage rolling or blowing through almost empty blocks.
Luv walking home late like that.


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