Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Forever Sayoko

And so then comes news of the passing of one Sayoko Yamaguchi , Japanese lady and muse,
creatrix and all around mysterious pretty lady of the '70's.

As we sadly pad about the house this darkened rainy morning ,
we pause and watch a video montage of Sayoko images on mixi,
it's vaguely Middle Eastern soundtrack stays in our minds as we mourn her passing.
Her last role , Suzuki Seijun's new Salome screened in limited run in Tokyo,
may perhaps gain a longer run now that she is gone.

The 'laser cut' hair from an early Gibson Tokyo fantasia ,
possible template for Bowie's "China Girl" (the haircut) ,
the 'animal grace' and sweet smile.
Another time another place ...
I found her through '80's Lutins photos of her in magazines like Shiseido's Hanatsubaki poised still , flawless in adverts

Sure it's cliche , but 'they don't make them like this anymore' ...
This overlit US present filled with wanna be 'Stars' born famous instant exposure ,
clothed in stupid flame / infamy and tissue- like disposability , a universe away from Sayoko.
Quiet waterworlds , laughter from behind screens , late night rendevous , places to be.
Years of crazy dressing rooms, Issey Miyake photo shoots , hustling travel between shows ,
hotel rooms with the '70's models Iman , Pat Cleveland.

What did Iggy sing in "Hard To Beat" ' Hey Baby it's a cryin shame , All the pretty girls get to look the same' ? (Raw Power) ,
truer then ever as new waves of imitation fashion, recycled trend and often unworkable synergies continually puffed pumped into something 'NEW'.
Sayoko lived out as an insider and muse to designers (Kansai comes to mind) and artists like Serge Lutins,
confidant to a Butoh elite (Sankai Juku, Min Tanaka) performing in her own world's orbit .

We saw her at the big opening party in Aoyama last Sept. that and our friends He Chan & Yoshiki Hishanuma and Hutchan helped put on ,
almost brushing shoulders , our little groups passing in close quarters in the crowds congealing and dispersing around at the end of the event.
We passed by her and the Sankei Juku head man and were looking at him ,
she turned to see us looking and gave a beautiful smiling wink before her jetblack hair closed gracefully around her face again as she turned back.

Sorry we are late Sayoko
we couldn't say 'good bye'

Now listening: Ziggy Stardust '73


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