Saturday, July 21, 2007

Ningen found lost gone vanishing

Memories of The Futants are still there ,
but with no tapes existing and the only team who did video us @ CBGB's bk in that day saying they do not have the video anymore , Futants materials have gotten thin.
Martin Fischer was a real mate to work with , such a charismatic talent the how and why of his passing still hurts.
For about 10 years now I keep reminding myself to do a cover of whatever Futants songs I can remember the parts for like 'Dead City' or 'Red and Black' ... So i will have to get it up and do it coming up
These materials are for an upcoming book on No wave

End of a week spent digging for - and finding - scanning whatever images and info I still have
on The Futants 1978 -'79 ,
also found the slides of Hiro Inoue's clean - stark atmospheric Ike Yard live photos .
Located and contacted photographer Andrei Givotovsky who shot on our little set
for the 8mm production of 'Translucence' ,
I have 4 contact sheets with images of cast members Lisa Rosen , Hal Ludacer , Ezster Balint and Scott
but now Andrei has found the photo prints .
GoodFellas on cable , Ray Liotta , Robert and Martin sure nailed that one. Props on the sdtk Marty !

Large earthquake again in Nigatta , Japan with aftershocks
followed yesterday by a good sized one in SF

The Rockefeller Grant deadline came yesterday ,
the humidity a bit lower and free time so
we subwayed it up to the Met again for the Paul Poiret. King Of Fashion show (up till 8/5) which was well done,
easy on the eye and an illuminating sequence of ego , creative synthsis and style in changing times , in his case the period around 1910 -1920.
Orientalism , Erte and a deadly black exchange with the up and comer Coco Chanel.
Followed by the $11 Serenity cocktail on the roof with many others seeking sunset skies , clear sparkle to the air today Serra's black sculptures radiating in the white blazing sun.

Drifting downtown and hungry we strolled from E 33rd St. station playing through dinner options.
Chinese , Indian until we passed two Japanese restaurants on Lex.
We noticed a young Japanese couple pass and go into Saburi , we hadn't been there and so we followed them in.
Good choice
JunCui's Beijing Sichuan Japanese fusion spot was bubbling,
It seems Wafu-Chuka is popular in Japan these days , good food and convivial , lively atmosphere like a tiny izikaya
with pretty bar ladies and their night clients ,
a family with their giggling little girl's American Place Doll right up on the table to eat with them,
and only one other American in the joint.
Slight bringdown walking our way around the clumps of bar hopping yup jock buppie drinkers that stand in middle of every sidewalk on Third Ave between 31 and 25th

Catch the last 3/4 of A.I on cable , the sad story animoid boy who wants to be made into a human.
Falling asleep but had to catch the end sequences of MANhattan underwater , then under ice.
Between this one and Minority Report repeats last week , it's been good and useful to revisit these underated ?
Stephen Spielburg's near future P K Dick crime obsessed controlled USA hit a few nicely darkened strides

Walk up to read the so sad news about artists Theresa Duncan (40) and Jeremy Blake (35) , RIP
end up rding her blog and find entry on Erik Davis on Black Moth Super Rainbow among many other Wit's on the Staircase.
You both are already missed ...

This news sets off a round of discussion about time and art, independants , individuals -world Popper's World Three
Another tangent is '1987' , set up by an exchange on mixi about the year.
Noyuri wanted to know 'what happened then ?' so I pull out my old datebook and
we can see all the cyberpunk actions from bk then ,
also first trip to Tokyo , Kyoto and Osaka to meet Prof Omura , Tokyo Bay and Kawasaki with Kyoichi and Sogo ,
Hong Kong , Caravan Of Dreams in Fort Worth and all the works with Longo ,Young , Buffalo 78.
Seems like another lifetime ago but so much great stuff , which of course led to other stuff

Then I got email from Dan Selzer that his blog is up
Breakdown on his set on Tim Sweeney's Beats In Space (cheers Tim) , rundown on Industrial music
You know you love it ...

Still rereading John Brunner's Stand On Zanzibar

Tracking with closeups (14) Light The Touchpaper And Retire

For toDAY third of MAY twenty-TEN ManhatTEN reports mild spring type weather under the Fuller Dome.
Ditto on the General Technics Plaza.
Bur Shalmaneser is a Microgenic (R) computer bathed in liquid helium and it's cold in his vault.'
John Brunner circa 1968

Summerstage has a great daylong performances by many top Sudanese artists today ...

Now listening: Popol Vu sdtk from Aguirre , Aguirre 1


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