Thursday, April 27, 2006

Traummaschine and other tales

MD has been bringing me all these CDR's ...

CLUSTER sowiesoso 1974 -'79 (Avanti - Rote Riki)
CLUSTER 1971 -'72 (7:38 - Nabitte)
POPOL VUH 1978 -'78 (Aquirre Sdtk - Mantra II)
Ash Ra Tempel '70's (Amboss - Interplay Of Forces)

Have been playing one cut "Traummaschine" (Dream machine) alot ,
eerie ambient and yes - prog.
Then I hear the woman's vocal , first chanting along with the trippy music ,
then speaking and I realize it's Rosie who I knew in the early 1980's
and who now also ... lives here in Stuyvesant Town.
Now that's a small world , from the Tempel to here and now


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