Thursday, April 27, 2006

Weston & The Gnawa

Tuesday night there was one of those free concerts that NYC does sometimes,
sometimes very well ...
Randy Weston African Rhythms Quintet and the Gnawa Master Musicians of Morocco performed joyfully at the World Financial Center Art & Events series.
First I saw the info on Flavorpill, then I heard some clips on Weston's website and that got me moving on downtown.
It was a rainy evening,
office workers streaming towards me on their way home, out of the Center.
Inside under the tall palms, a diverse audience was growing to fill up the seats
and the show began.
It was great !
Both Weston (80) and the Gnawa played well and lots of smiles all around, The Times gave it a nice review today too
Emotional , flowing , well rounded set , great players and a great setting

Weston has observed
"In African music , there aren't the categories of the past ,
the present and the future. Music is a timeless thing"

Hats off to Randy & the Gnawa for being so good and so chill


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